The art of staying focused

Open Office Accessory . Lund University . 2018

The aim for this project has been to investigate why we feel stressed and what methods people are using in order to get the job done in todays modern offices. The result is a proposal of a new office accessory giving office workers a way to signal a need for privacy without isolating oneself from the open dialog of the office.

Open offices - save big on facility costs and lose in productivity

Offices today are rapidly moving towards open plan solutions and co-working spaces are trending like never before. The offices are becoming smaller and more collaborative which saves companies big  money on facility costs. However, the reality seems to be quite the opposite. Office workers decide to work from home due to difficulties concentrating and even take out more sick days than in conventional offices. Ultimately decreasing productivity.

The root of the problem - No clear way to signal privacy

From testimonies and observation I’ve concluded that workers feel stressed due to the distractions an open office environment implies. The only solution people find to tackle these problems are by using headphones in order to signal that they are occupied, which in most cases doesn’t do the job.

However, there is another thing that is key when we show others that we are focused, our gaze.