No Gun Toy Gun

Lets talk about the issue with (toy) Guns - Emily Carr University of Art + Design, 2019

The aim for this project has been to create an alternative to todays realistic looking toy guns in order to take responsibility in how we introduce our children to the world. The intention of this design concept is not to restrict the play itself but strives to liberate children’s play from the deep-rooted associations and values a firearm entails, a No Gun Toy Gun.  

Co-designer: Agnes Svensson

Creating a catch-and-launch game and a toy without adult nonsense

Playing is a child’s way of exploring the world and society, and learn about their own part in it. This project does not want to change how children play but tries to expand the currentplay scenario, engaging in collaborative play avoiding unnecessary representatiion of adult nonsense. By changing how we interact with the toy can we create curiosity? By making it into a game can we change the focus from the toy gun you hold to the fun of the play?