Studio Jacob Alm


A compact lamp, trusted friend and tower of strength when things gone terribly wrong.

      Uncertainty creates a need for reliability and good usability. Preparedness for events of crisis has become a more present subject during recent years. Extreme weather like flooding and droughts are becoming more common. The need for preparedness will become an important part of our future. The current market solutions include clumsy lanterns with either a slim design or a long battery life - seldom both. This project aims to both provide a solution that is easy to handle and use while also providing the user with security in terms of efficient light output and a long battery life.

Lighthouse is a compact, solar powered luminaire designed to enable social situations and daily tasks during a few days of power outage. The hanging feature allows you to position the luminaire in a variety of ways, providing good lighting for most daily activities. Outside the event of a crisis Lighthouse suits just as nicely as a portable light for the everyday.